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Whether you're an amateur investor or experienced trader
You need variety of investment products. Enjoy trading different products with our intuitive app interface, trade on-the-go to meet the needs of enthusiast investors like you.
HK Stocks
Low commission fee, supported by AI Smart Ranking, trade HK Stocks on-the-go with uSMART App.
US Stocks
Lifetime $0 commission fee, supported by AI Smart Ranking, trade US Stocks on-the-go with uSMART App.
A Shares
Low commission fee, supported by streaming quotes, covers over 1000 SH-HK Stock Connects and SZ-HK Stock Connects products.
Provides subscription services for new public offer shares.
We have different portfolio of fund assets for you to invest in, including Equity, Bond, Allocation and MMF.
Broaden your exposure across a range of asset classes and fund companies. Let the portfolio diversified, and fund management fees are cheaper than traditional funds.
Callable Bull/Bear Contracts (CBBC)
A derivative financial instrument that provides investors with a leveraged investment in underlying assets, which can be a single stock, or an index.
Actively traded in HK Stocks. Warrant is a security that entitles the holder to buy the underlying stock of the issuing company at a fixed price called exercise price until the expiry date.
Inline Warrant
The latest structured product that entitles the investors to receive a pre-determined fixed payment at expiry.

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