Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has unveiled the new Faster Payment System (FPS) that is electronic Direct Debit Authorisation, paves the way for customers to fund transfers from designed bank to uSMART account.

Step 1: Login uSMART Securities App and tag “Account” , select “e-DDA Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation”

Step 2: Tap “Apply Now”, select “authorised bank”, input bank account number, account category, limitation of single transfer and accept the Terms and Conditions of eDDA. Then tap “Submit”。

Step3:The bank will receive your application automatically. Once the approval process is completed, you can make real-time transfers to uSMART account and trade immediately.


*Hong Kong online registration users: If your application of e-DDA designed bank does not as same as the one registered at uSMART, first time transfer limit should not less than HK$10,000, but no limitation on transfer amount afterwards.

#No handling fee will be charged upon the deposit of HK$50,000 or above. The charge is subject to change without prior notice.